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Software HUBS and Apiumhub Properly Guideline

Software HUBS has a unique culture. They focus on software quality and delivery rather than quantity. Their employees know they are leaders in the technical environment and must deliver excellence in every deliverable. They are well-equipped to handle pressure, milestones, and priority changes, and deliver high-quality software on time.

Molecular Sciences Software Institute

The Molecular Sciences Software Institute is a hub of research and development dedicated to creating a sustainable and interoperable software infrastructure for molecular science research. Its members are a diverse group of scientists from a wide range of disciplines who are committed to advancing the field of computational biology. They have a shared goal of establishing standards for computational biology research and education and training scientists in the latest software engineering techniques.

The Institute was launched in August 2016 with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation. Its mission is to serve as a hub for collaboration, education, and science in the fields of computational molecular science, biomolecular simulation, and quantum chemistry. Some of its key programs include the development of open-source software infrastructure, software engineering, and software standards. The RADICAL Lab, which has a unique role in middleware design, is a significant part of the Institute’s activities.

In addition to supporting research and education, the Institute also recognizes outstanding postdocs and advanced graduate students. For example, a recent research proposal from Jason Gibson, a doctoral student at the University of Florida, was funded by the National Science Foundation. His research focused on developing machine-learning models to speed up the computation of potential energy surfaces and various material properties. This research is expected to aid experimental synthesis and semiconductor design and development.

The Institute supports a large cohort of postdocs and graduate students, including many who have gone on to careers in the industry. More than a hundred of the institute’s Fellows also participate in educational activities and collaborate with MolSSI’s Software Scientists.


Apiumhub is a Barcelona-based software development company. Its mission is to connect a community of software experts. The Apiumhub team consists of software architects and engineers from a variety of backgrounds. Its services range from software architecture and design to DevOps. The company also partners with experts in other fields to transform ideas into tangible products.

The company has a proven process for building software and focuses on architecture and best practices, as well as TDD & CI. It also uses agile development methodologies, which allow it to adapt to the needs of clients. The SoftwareHUBS can be tested before it is released, and clients can review and provide feedback as needed. Apiumhub offers full transparency and focuses on creating a user-friendly platform, rather than chasing after the highest number of features.

Apiumhub considers itself a technology hub and collaborates with entrepreneurs, incubators, and other startup groups. One of the key services it offers is VYou client management, which helps startups quickly launch MVPs. This reduces the need for additional software development and allows Apiumhub customers to save money on client management.

Apiumhub also offers B2B courses for software architects to increase their knowledge about software architecture. The company is currently hiring graduates, but they also plan to grow in both the number of employees and the volume of business.

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