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Top Banner Design Tips 2022

Top Banner Design Tips 2022

Banners are one of the oldest marketing tools ever used, and with the dawn of the digital era, banners fell into line and converted to digital forms that can be found on websites, ads, social media, etc. Though, the design process is still pretty much the same, a combination of colors, fonts, texts, and images set together to deliver a message.

However, to get an effective banner design that stands out from competitor designs and attracts attention, there are some tips to follow. This article proves some of the most important information to boost your banner design.

Why use banners for marketing?

Banners are an effective marketing asset that must be included in the marketing strategy as they help in:

Brand awareness

Users confront banners when they land on the website, and with a dynamic and catchy banner, they will remember the brand. With such a visual demonstration of the services, products, etc., spreading the word across all online platforms will be easier and more memorable, especially for new visitors, which will build trust and increase click-throughs.


Visual demonstration of banner ads on social media accounts and websites gives the users full access to the information that piqued their interest. Banners can be used for new product reveals, sales and discounts, preorder ads, or events that evoke visitor intent to purchase and convert them into buyers.

Design Tips

Define the Banner’s purpose

Before starting the design process, the basic step is knowing what the Banner is designed for. The whole banner concept will be built around its purpose, which can vary; for example, increasing brand awareness, rebranding, sales, etc. A clear understanding of the Banner’s purpose delivers it thoughtfully to the targeted audience.

Be careful with colors

The color scheme will make the banner pop. However, it’s not only about attractiveness; it’s about conveying the right message through colors. Color evokes the emotions of the targeted audience as soon as they set their eyes on the banner; for example, green is related to the environment, so using it with such related banners is worth it.

Choose Your Typeface Wisely

Great typography is a straight-up plus point that will grab people’s attention. While it might be tempting to use those trendy fonts, it can be a bad idea! The perfect font must be easy to read, align with the tone of the banner’s message, and be consistent with the brand’s visual identity.

Use High-quality images

Images are an essential part of the Banner; they can be for new products, services, etc., so they must be high quality, whether photographs or graphic art, to attract customers’ attention and enhance the banner’s design. Online banner maker provides a large free library of all types of images that can make the banner look great and evoke customers’ emotions.

Keep text concise

Ensure that the text is as short as possible and focuses on the main message the Banner must deliver directly and in a short time. An excellent way is to take advantage of the non-textual elements to help to convey the message just like the text does.

Give a Call to Action

A banner without a call to Action is useless, as the whole point of using a banner is to motivate the customers to do something such as visit the website, purchase, etc. CTA must be placed in the right place and displayed very clearly so that readers can act on the call to action easily, for example, by providing an easy to read website address or phone number.

Maintain hierarchy and Balance

The perfect banner design relies on the right balance between both design and messaging. Each component of the design should fit and not distract from the overall message the banner is supposed to deliver. The three main components that need balance:

The company logo must include but not dominate as much as the value proportion

Value Proportion is the core of the banner and must have the most space; it showcases the product, sales, service, etc

The call to Action should be a clear focal point of the banner

Keep it Simple

After going through the multiple components of the banner and how to approach each of them, the wrapping advice is “Less is more.” Make sure to design a simple yet attractive design that everyone will love and understand. Simple design will immediately impact the audience and deliver the message in the short span of attention that people pay to your banner.

Animate, but don’t exaggerate

For online banners, you can go the extra mile by adding some fun and incorporating animations. Animated banners are gaining popularity as they gain more user interaction and can be easy to design using an online banner creator. The best way to use them is to display them for no more than 15 seconds, and their loop frequency is a maximum of three times.


Whether printed or digital, banners still have a major role in any marketing strategy. Reaching the customers through banners has direct return, so it must be designed creatively yet simply. The message must be straightforward and understandable, and the best way to do that is by balancing the different components of the banner.

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